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10 Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers

That’s the reason which prompted me to come up with this post where I list out Best Ad Networks for Bloggers.Here, you have to understand that Publishers are bloggers or website owners who want to run Ads on their blogs or websites for revenue generation.In general, Ad Networks serve In-text Ads, Contextual Ads, CPM Ads, CPC Ads, Banner Ads, Pop-Under Ads, CPA Ads, CPS Ads, Affiliate Networks, CPA Affiliate Networks and Native Ads. Some specialize in particular type of Ads, other serve combination of Ads.There’s no fool-proof method of judging which Ad Network works best for you. You have to experiment with Ad Networks to find out which ones are generating the highest revenue for your blog or website.

Here, we have selected some of the best Ad Networks for Bloggers which are secure, trustworthy, and give you the best opportunity to monetize your blog or website. They serve millions of Ad impressions daily, have a large network of advertisers and publishers, and provide decent money to publishers.

So, if you want to monetize your blog, you have to pick out the best Ad Networks. The list will give you a good lot of options and make easy for you in picking the most suitable Ad Network for your blog or website.

These networks are not of specific ad types we have listed top ad networks of various advertising options. We have listed traditional Contextual or CPC networks, CPM networks, POP-UP/POP-Under Networks as well as affiliate networks which will help you to monetize your website or blog with various ways.

Now, let us move on and see some of the best Ad Networks for Bloggers.

10 Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers 

1.Google Adsense

Google Adsense is recognized as the world’s largest and best online advertising network. Most importantly, it’s free and provides you the opportunity to earn money by placing ads on your website.

However, to get approved by Google Adsense is not easy. You have to follow Adsense quality guideline to get approved.

It is particularly known for serving CPC Ads and CPM Ads. It shows mobile ads, video ads, search result ads, display ads, and banner ads. The ads are relevant to your content. You can choose the type of ads that best fit your website. It has the largest network of online advertisers. It makes sure that only the highest paying ads go live on your website, so you get the most for your ads.

2. PopAds

PopAds is a premium pop ad network.

This is a good ad network for small publishers because they have no minimum traffic requirements.

They started in 2010 & promise to offer 100% fill rates. They allow all types of blogs including illegal ones, porn sites, and other “adult” related content. Once you signup, do setup auto withdrawal option. This way, you will get paid automatically once you reach minimum payout threshold.

3. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is one of the fastest growing CPM Ads Network. It provides multiple Ad Formats. Propeller Ads makes it easy for you to select best-performing ad campaign. It serves various Ad Models such as CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPL. It ensures high ad quality by performing manual checks on advertisers. It provides publishers on-time payouts, detailed real-time reporting, and a personal account manager. It endeavors to provide the highest revenue per visitor. It has a multitude of display advertising solutions.

4. Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is very different when compared to the other ad networks on this list.

Revenue Hits won’t pay you anything for clicks or impressions. They only pay when a click is turned into action. For example, if advertisers need user information, they advertise using Revenue Hits.

Publishers place the ad code on their blog. When a visitor clicks the ad and gives his/her name and email to the advertiser, the publisher (you) will get paid.They pay $10-$50 per action The minimum payout is $50 They pay via Paypal, Payoneer & bank transfer.

5. Revcontent

Revcontent is recognized as one of the most selective and premium native ad networks in the world. It has grown to be one of the biggest content recommendation platforms on the internet. It currently serves 100 billion content recommendations a month across the globe. However, Revcontent is highly selective in choosing publishers. It supports transparent reporting and easy customization options for publishers.

6. Bidvertiser

Founded in 2002, Bidvertiser is one of the oldest ad networks.

They offer a large range of ad formats.More ad formats means more ads, more clicks, and more money.

The minimum payout of Bidvertiser is $10 via PayPal, $20 via check, and $50 via bank transfer.

Pros of Bidvertiser: 

The minimum payout is very low

They offer a lot of ad formats

Cons of Bidvertiser 

Bidvertiser ads are not high-quality ads.Sometimes mobile users will be redirected to the app/play store which is very irritating The interface looks old and dated The earning potential is low.

You can get paid using PayPal, Payza or check.

7. Infolinks

Infolinks is one of the best Ad Networks that enables publishers to monetize their website to the optimum level. It mainly provides In-Text CPM Ads. So, if you have a text based site or a blog, then Infolinks might prove to be a great option for generating revenue by advertising on your website.

They don’t cover spaces so you can use other banner ads from other Ad Network for earning revenue for site content. Infolinks Ads are targeted for any relevant keyword from your content. They have no minimum traffic requirement for publishers. Infolinks works with the biggest advertisers in the world such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, etc.

8. Chitika

Back in the day, Chitika was one of the top AdSense alternatives.

Over time & with newer advancements in technology, many other networks have replaced Chitika.

But there’s one thing that is still the same: Chitika is popular among new bloggers.

This is because of their:

low minimum payout ($10 made via PayPal)

easy to use interface

no minimum traffic requirement

One thing which you should know about Chitika is it really only works if you have search traffic. If you don’t have search traffic, don’t use Chitika.

If a majority of your traffic is from social media sites, you should use other suggested ad networks.

Pros of Chitika: 

No minimum traffic requirements

Good support for both publishers and advertisers

Cons of Chitika:

Chitika works on a zero-tolerance policy. Any invalid click will permanently ban you from Chitika

Chitika only monetizes search traffic

It takes some time to get an approval or rejection decision

Not the best ad network for making money

9. Adsterra

Adsterra is another immensely popular premium ad network which serves as much as 50 billion geo-targeted ad impression a month. It provides Ad Models such as CPC, CPM, and CPA. It provides innovative advertising solutions for web and mobile advertisers and publishers worldwide.

Adsterra supports publishers from all verticals and assures monetization of their ad inventory. It provides various ad formats for the web and mobile platform including display banners, interstitial, popunders, direct links, sliders, and Pushup. It guarantees highest possible ad quality and security. Publishers get on-time payments.

10. is one of the most popular Ad Network for Publishers. It provides a great opportunity to publishers to maximize revenue from their online content. It has one of the largest pools of advertisers in the world. serves contextual ads. It also supports desktop interstitial, in-content native, and mobile docked ads. It ensures a 100% fill rate across all verticals and ad formats. Some of its publishers include Reuters, Esquire, Elle, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, etc.



We hope that the presentation, 10 Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers proves immensely helpful for you in selecting the right Ad Network. Do share your comments with us.


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